Frequently asked questions

Term Classes

Can I do a trail session?

Of course, your welcome do a try out session before you join

What if I want to join mid-way through the term?

Depending on the class it might be possible. Contact our head coach to see what we can do to help.

I am a beginner can I still play?

Of course, we run classes for all age ranges and abilities


Are the courts indoor or outdoor?

All are courts are outdoor

Do the courts have floodlights?

Yes! We have five fully floodlit courts


What does my child need to bring for camps?

Your children will need to bring some food and drink for break. Alternatively they can always get food and drink on the cafe on site. We will provide tennis rackets but they are of course more than welcome to bring their own

Contact Details

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Ranelagh Avenue, Barnes, London

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