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Annie Scrimshaw

"The weekly sessions over the last year (come rain or shine) have helped both Tom and Ollie develop what I hope will be a lifelong love of tennis. Tom was told he could have any toy he wanted (within reason) for getting a good school report and he chose a new tennis racquet.....he got it yesterday and insisted on taking it to bed with him (too precious for the shed!), so you should be very proud of yourself for your being such a great coach and positive role model for the sport!"

Owen Wilson

Ollie has been both organised, responsive and a great coach and we look forward to continuing to learn the game in the coming years.

Joe Lovett Turner

 "Ollie is a fantastic coach, very enthusiastic, patient and dedicated, as well as observant and able to tailor his coaching very well to individual players' needs, and, from my observation, under his management the junior programme has been greatly improved, very well organised and with increased opportunities for both appropriate-level mid-week coaching as well as competition like Aegon tennis.

Sophia plays in her school Surrey tennis team and the school coach has noticed an improvement in her technique since she started mid-week training with Ollie.

Two of my sons have also had lessons with Ollie and again they enjoyed the lessons thoroughly and their tennis improved."

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"I have had coaching in a number of places locally including BOE and LTA and I can honestly say that Ollie is a far better coach than anyone I have come across in the last 5 years.  

Whether it’s me at the grand old age of 40+, my kids at 7 and 10, Ollie creates trust. Lessons are fun and engaging, he pushes you. Technically he also knows his stuff. He also drives word of mouth, the kids have fun, feel energised, they go to school, talk about their lessons, and then more people have shown an interest."

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