About Camps

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player camps provide an opportunity for players to work on all aspect of tennis from serve to forehands and backhands. The camps will be split up each day to focus on one aspect of tennis. This is done to ensure that players are learning a wide variety of skills and are doing something new every day.



The focus for day one will be on groundstrokes and specifically how to improve consistency. This could include focus on hitting with height over the net to ensure that the player has more margins for error.



The focus for day two will be on gaining an advantage in the point. This could see the player hitting the ball deep or with angle in order to gain a short return from the opponent.



The focus day three will be on focus on finishing off the point. This entails once the player gets the short ball how to hit a winner. This day will focus on the approachshot and volleys.



The focus for day four will be on the serve as it is the most important shot in the game. The coach will teach players to hit the serve consistently in. For the more advanced players the focus will be on teaching them how to hit a more effective serve to gain an advantage in the point early on.



The focus for day five will be on match play and tactics. This is key as learning what the best shot to hit in certain situations will help players win more matches and tournaments.


Our camps run every week over the major holidays


Day (9am to midday)                       £36

Week (9am to midday)                  £170

Phone: 07767 682949
Email: olliefriend@barnestennisacademy.com
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